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Tunisian Organisation of Korean culture Exchange   Korean festival in Tunisia “Fighting”   League of Legends    

Tunisian Organisation of Korean culture Exchange


was founded in December 2011 and got its legal visa on February 2012 to be the 1st Tunisian organisation that aims to promote Korean culture in Tunisia and soon Tunisian culture in Korea. TOKE brings to you the best of both worlds: 1st in Tunisia by promoting the Korean wave, Hallyu with its music and movies, the Korean products, cosmetics, clothing and kpop goodies, the Korean language by providing language lessons, encouraging the kpopers and fanbases to do their best for what they love most, helping Tunisian to achieve their goals in the dream land KOREA. 2nd in Korea (soon) by promoting Tunisian culture with its big history and traditions by having events to show to Korean what is the real Tunisia and promoting Tunisian products like food finally promoting the language the historical Arabic language. TOKE is here for me for you for all, if you are a Tunisian interested in Korean culture, or a Korean interested in Arabic culture specially Tunisian, TOKE is made to show you the best of both worlds. TOKE is my dream, is your dream, TOKE is the dream of ALL.